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UK VOIP Beginners Guide

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What is Voice Over IP (VoIP)?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, enables you to make low-cost phone calls over the internet.

You might often hear the terms “internet telephony” and “broadband phone service” when referring to the service, but these days VoIP is the standard terminology used among IT professionals.

After you set up a VoIP phone system, you can dial anywhere in the world and anyone can call you. The underlying technology makes talking to people over the phone as simple as sending a direct message over social media.

What is Voice Over IP (VoIP)?

The benefits of VoIP

Now you understand the basics of how VoIP works. The question is, why should you invest in it?

There are many benefits to VoIP, and the reasons to implement it will depend on your business structure, strategy, and goals.

Here are several of the common reasons that organizations and IT professionals invest in VoIP:


A reduction in hardware means fewer costs for setting up and maintaining your communications stack. Traditional landlines are expensive due to the limited number of lines available. This isn't a problem when making calls over the internet, making it a cheaper approach.


If the internet is down, does that mean you can't make calls? Thanks to flexible call forwarding options, the answer is no. The same goes for weather interferences, or hardware and power outages.


If you have a smartphone that can connect to the internet, you can make VoIP calls on the go. This is especially handy for remote teams, as it allows them to make calls from anywhere in the world. In the age of working remotely, a remote office phone system has your business covered.


Looking to make conference calls over landline phones? Be prepared to pay additional hardware and connectivity costs. However, this isn't a problem with VoIP, which allows as many people to join a call that your internet bandwidth allows.

Customer service efficiency

From an operations perspective, you can use VoIP for more efficient customer service processes. Use call recording to train your team, and listen for frequently asked questions that can be used to inform your knowledge base.

Sales growth

VoIP can also be used for sales training, allowing sales managers to tailor their feedback in one-to-one meetings. With the right tools and leadership, you can grow faster.

For established organizations, making the shift to an internet-based telephony platform can seem costly. But the long-term gains go beyond savings. Implementing a VoIP system can improve efficiency, and empower teams to do their best work.